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We’re proud of our eggs, and each crate contains 30 of the finest you’ll try..
• We sell eggs all year around

• Our eggs are so fresh that they are most often sold on the same day that they are laid.

• Our birds are given high quality, nutritious feed - which means nutritious, high quality eggs for you.

• Due to the scale of our farm, we’re able to ensure the highest level of quality whilst maintaining affordability

• We can supply you with anything from a single crate all the way to a much larger order (with discounts for larger orders)

Chicken (Broiler)

• We sell a range of broiler chickens weighing between 2-5kg.

• You can buy them live or 'prepared to serve' (delivered frozen or chilled - please specify your preference).

• Orders need to be placed in advance as the chickens require 12 weeks of rearing.

• This is the ideal option for people looking order large quantities of chicken at a great price.


Chicken (Layers)

• They are delivered to you as pullets at the point of lay, and between the age of 12-18 weeks. This saves you the time and expense of raising them yourself.

• You know exactly what you're getting. Each chicken's exact age and vaccinations are verified; with everything documented all the way to the point you make your purchase.

• Each chicken lays about 1 egg every 30 hours, with a productive lifetime of about 18 months.

• You’ll need to enquire in advance as they are reared specifically to your requirements.