Dikachi Chizim

13th December 2018

DOUBLE YOLK? You just got lucky!

When was the last time you cracked an egg open and found two bright yellow yolks instead of one? Were you excited that it may mean […]
22nd July 2018

How to Start Your Own Egg Supply Business in Nigeria

Two years ago, the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) announced that Nigeria produces 10.3 billion eggs annually, which makes the country the largest producer of eggs […]
30th June 2018

How to Extend the Shelf Life and Quality of Your Eggs

When a Chicken lays an egg, the egg has a natural coating on it. This is known as the bloom. This bloom is a layer of […]
23rd June 2018

Broilers vs Layers – The Highs and The Lows

You’ve probably leant about the huge gold mine that exists in the poultry industry would love to be a poultry farmer but you’re not sure what […]
13th June 2018

Did You Know? – 10 Important Facts About the Poultry Industry in Nigeria

It’s no doubt that the poultry business is one of the most lucrative businesses in the country at this time. There are several reasons why chickens […]
8th June 2018

Success Tips for Poultry Farmers

After reading the article – ‘How to Turn Your Chickens Into Money’, I’m certain you’re aware how much of a big deal poultry farming is. Be […]
1st June 2018

Egg Recipes 101

How would you like your eggs? When I first heard this question at a breakfast restaurant in lekki, I was somewhat at sea as to what […]
29th May 2018

How to Turn Your Chickens Into Money

If you don’t love chickens enough to eat them, you’ll certainly love them enough to make some good money from them. With the increasing health risks […]