About Us


Not Just Another Poultry Farm...

Danyaye Agriculture and Logistics Nigeria Ltd is a business entity formed in 2015. The company provides a comprehensive and professional service to both existing and potential clients. Danyaye farm raise poultry birds and its derivatives to provide a trading platform for both local farmers and traders to connect and do business effectively.

Danyaye has its foundation in Ibadan where the root of the business was established with 250 capacity, which has now grown to 5000 capacity, the company supply fresh eggs locally laid and distributed across the country on a weekly basis.

Our vision is to be the most efficient and well cultured poultry farm product supplier in Nigeria and its region.

Our mission is to raise quality chickens that lay healthy eggs at reasonable prices and to exceed the customers expectations in every sense by producing healthy eggs and providing chicken all round the year.


How I have been evolved in the business as a child I love chicken that I raised one as a little child, since then I have developed a passion for poultry farming. As a person I have great passion for self reliance, creating job opportunities and seeing an idea commence and become a reality.

What we are offering, Danyaye farm is offering a quality chickens and healthy eggs. Our professional workers also make our business costumes unique in terms of delivery and customer service satisfactory.


People are the heart of business

Meet our team

Danyaye is made up of a small team of passionate industry experts. You can read more about us below.